Research, UX, UI

I have been working in the digital field for 15 years and I have developed a big variety of skills; that’s why I am able to cover nearly the entire design process.

Scroll down and discover more through a use case story: the Gild Platform.

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The challenge

I am in charge of designing the UX and UI for the Gild Platform, the first intelligent hiring platform that helps companies hire faster than their competitors by uniquely bringing together intelligence, automation, and collaboration.

Intelligence. Gild uses patented algorithms to make it easy for recruiters to identify and connect with the right people at the right time.

Automation. The Gild Platform automates the many manual tasks hiring teams perform today – from data entry, to interview scheduling, to candidate and task tracking, and more.

Collaboration. The Gild Platform enables collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers with its easy-to-use, user interface and unique collaboration and communication system that eliminates the need for email.



Competitive audit
User journey map
User testing / Guerrilla


UX design

User flows
Features roadmap


UI design

UI guidelines
UI elements / living css



Handmade prototypes



Technical documentation
Agile tesks management
Html / Haml / Css / Sass



A­B testing (Optimizely)
User testing interviews


Research and analysis

Competitive audit

A comprehensive analysis of competitor products that maps out their existing features. This is the first step for me to understand the standards of the sector and identify new opportunities to innovate.

User journey map and user stories

The best way to design what the user wants... is to ask him. I interviewed briefly many Hiring managers on different specific features in order to find the best solution to their needs.


Starting from live interviews, I identified 4 main personas.
It really helped me to create empathy with consumers throughout the design process.

UX design

Iterating to design the best solution

Storyboards and user flows

A visual representation of the user's flow to complete tasks within the product.

Sketches and wireframes

The first step was to sketch briefly the features I wanted to insert in every page, in order to test the flow and share the experience with the rest of the design team.


From the brand guidelines to the Bootstrap elements.


Starting from the logo, I developed all the lements of the visual communication: app icons, custom visual webfonts, color palette...

UI guidelines

I also prepared a living style-guide that describes all the Bootstrap elements

View online


Testing and finalizing.

Prototyping from scratch

For the desktop platform I prototyped from scratch, with HTML and jQuery. This choice allowed us to use parts of the code (HTML and CSS) directly in the production environment.

Prototyping softwares

For the mobile app I prototyped on Invision, that allowed me to share comments in real time with all the other members of the team.

The result has been a success!

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